Art Director

Armik Davalokhanian

I’m a graphic designer. I’m also an illustrator—and a motion designer. A 3D artist and a photographer, and, well, it goes on.

I’ve been called a Renaissance man; a jack of all trades, and yet, somehow, a master of some. With over 20 years of professional experience, I’ve filled every role as a designer—from barely knowing how to use Photoshop and creating animated GIFs in the mid ’90s for my website, to being a Creative Director with a talented team of creatives to make some cool things.

I’m currently a Senior Designer with Belkin, and sometimes Art Director, focusing my energy on reshaping the digital creative space.

I’m also a Dungeon Master with terrible luck rolling dice. But that’s a discussion for a rambunctious tavern far away.

let’s talk – hey@armikdava.com